Hello! This site is designed for desktop, but you can still check it out on mobile, there's just fewer things to do. I'm also going to insert a little bit here about my name being Blake 'PROTODOME' Troise. Why, you ask? Well, it used to be that, when you Googled 'Blake Troise', this website popped up as the first result. Now it doesn't even rank. Well Google, you have met your match! Meet the SEO king, Blake Troise.

Hey! Interested In A Pocket Hardware Album Synthesiser?

I'm planning on doing a cool, unconventional album release and wondered if people are interested in purchasing hardware albums. If you'd like one, please drop your email in the form below and I'll keep you updated (and give you first dibs).

ICON 1 Hello!

Hey, I'm Dr. Blake Troise, aka PROTODOME. I'm a musician and cool tech/academic guy for ThinkSpace Education from the south coast, UK. You're probably here because you know me for writing jazz chipmusic, but I also mess about with graphics, software and electronics.

If you'd like to get in contact, you should definitely email me at hello((at))protodome((dot))com. I'd love to hear from you; it's always nice getting mail.

I've got a bunch of chipmusic / chipfusion jazz albums over on Bandcamp and on Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music. You'll notice I use the same bass sound a lot. Some might accuse me of stagnating sonically, or perhaps even creatively. I tell myself that it's my USP.

I wrote a paper on 1-bit music theory and composition for the Journal of Sound and Music in Games, published by the University of California Press! You can check it out online by clicking here.

Download some albums for free:

Some more links:
Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | VGMdb

"Repetitive, irritating music"
-pdc1 on STAR CAT Adventure OST

"Largely unmemorable"
-owl_jolson on BLUESHIFT

"Scratches itches that the likes of [...] PROTODOME just can't quite hit"
-Zack Stewart on Serket by Positive Infinity <---- This is a great album by the way.

Hey, why not play some games with my music in them?

Bones 'n' Bullets | Obliteracers | Ruin of the Reckless | STAR CAT Adventure | 8BitMMO

My love-letter to kitsch FM jazzfunk, CHIPFUNK.

Saccharine jazzy chiptune wankery, BLUESHIFT.

Cool little demo I did for Impact Soundworks' Super Audio Cart.